Terms & Conditions

Octagonal: The All Media Exhibit



Unless otherwise stated, artists must be at least 18 years of age and reside within the continental United States.

  1. Up to 3 works may be submitted
  2. Artwork must be original, executed independently and created without the use of commercial kits, molds, or patterns
  3. Artwork completed more than 2 years ago is ineligible
  4. Artwork exhibited previously at the Octagon is ineligible
  5. The appropriate fee must accompany the submission. 
  6. Submission by digital image is required. The juror will make the final selections by viewing the submitted images, so send high-quality, well-lit, clear images of your work. 
    • Images may be .jpg or .jpeg.
    • The photos must proportionately represent works.

1.  Where appropriate and at the discretion of The Octagon, all work must be suitably framed to a professional standard. The Octagon reserves the right to reject all work that is not properly displayed:* Artwork not professionally displayed (i.e., protected by a frame) cannot be insured against damage while on display.

  • NO clip frames, saw-tooth hangers, stapled canvas visible, taped edges, damaged/dirty mat, or wet paint.
  • Use of command strips is discouraged, and we cannot insure artwork against damage if hung in this manner. Use of double-stick foam tape and drywall hangers is strictly prohibited.
  • All framed conventional work must use Plexiglas or acrylic (not glass), except hand-delivered work less than 24” x 36”.
  • All prints on paper must be framed behind glass or plex with a wire attached for hanging that will hold the weight of the piece (no saw-tooth hangers please).
  • All prints on canvas must be either on at least 1 inch deep gallery wrap canvas or must be framed. Both must have a wire attached for hanging that will hold the weight of the piece (again, no saw-tooth hangers please). If edges of canvas are not finished, the piece must be framed.
  • Fiber pieces must have a hanging system in place.

2.  Maximum Size: packages must fit through a 42×83” door (elevator) and weigh no more than 50 lbs.

3.  No ceiling mounts or special installation requirements unless agreed to beforehand by the Octagon. Hanging from sprinkler pipes or electrical conduit is strictly prohibited.

4.   If pedestals are needed, artists may provide their own pedestals, or must agree to use those provided by The Octagon.

5.   label must be affixed to the back of the work that indicates proper artwork orientation and includes the artist name and artwork title. This information must correspond with the artwork inventory list. Gallery will not be held libel for improperly labeled artwork that results in missing pieces or inaccurate wall tags.

6.  All shipped artwork must have detailed unpacking and re-packing instructions, pictures encouraged.

7.  Work cannot be withdrawn, nor sales shipped, before the end of the exhibit.

8.  OVERSIZE WORK, ASSEMBLAGES AND INSTALLATIONS are welcome at the discretion of The Octagon, but must meet all other specifications and and arrive with DETAILED hanging instructions.

Please Note: If the Artist installs artwork on a gallery surface not designated for artwork and not agreed to beforehand by Octagon staff that results in damage to the building, the Artist is responsible to pay for repairs or the insurance deductible. Normal wear and tear to designated hanging areas is excluded (ie. holes in drywall less than a dime, surface scuffs or chipped paint, etc.)


It is the Exhibitor’s responsibility to deliver and pick-up work on the dates assigned. The cost of shipping is the responsibility of the artist. Shipped artwork must be accompanied by pre-paid return shipping labels, name of the preferred shipper and insurance. Artwork left at the Octagon for 30 days or more becomes the property of the Octagon unless agreed to beforehand by both parties in writing.


IF SHIPPING ARTWORK, please include (or email ahead) DETAILED instructions for unpacking and re-packing work, as well as any specific installation instructionsShipped artwork must be accompanied by return shipping labels, name of the preferred shipper and insurance. The computer-generated return label for return of work MUST be enclosed and sent ahead of time to the gallery. Work should be shipped in the smallest- sized reusable container that will safely transport the piece. Please no containers over 50 lbs.   If gallery is repacking and returning work, please enclose provide DETAILED instructions to the Gallery Administrator as to how to repack work. The gallery will do its best to repack work in shipped packaging, but responsibility for providing adequate packaging and instructions rests with the artist.


The Octagon shall insure all exhibited goods during the duration of the show against damage, theft and loss to a maximum of 60% of the total selling price (or value in the case of items that are NFS) up to $20,000 for an entire show. The Octagon Center for the Arts is not responsible for any damage, breakage, replacement or cost associated with any damage or breakage that may have occurred during transport or unpacking.   The Curator will check all items placed on exhibit against the Artist’s submitted list and any damage observed will be noted at this time.  The Octagon reserves the right to return or refuse artwork that arrives damaged.

The title of the exhibited works shall remain the Artist’s until sold.  Title shall pass directly from the Artist to the purchaser.  The Octagon retains a 40% commission of the sale price of artwork, so price accordingly. Sold works will remain until the end of the exhibition. The Octagon retains a 40% finder’s fee for artwork sold as a result of The Octagon’s gallery exposure up to 60 days after the close of the show. The balance due to the Artist will be paid 30 days after the close of the show, or 30 days after a sale made that is subject to the finder’s fee. Artwork not for sale must be marked NFS and have a value for insurance purposes.

Any image submitted may be used for marketing and promotional purposes directly related to this show. This use may include publication in any publications, printed materials, advertisements, or electronic media. The Octagon has the right to photograph artwork on exhibit for the express purpose of promoting the exhibit. Copyright and all other rights remain that of the artist.

The Octagon agrees to keep the artwork for the duration of the exhibit.  After the exhibit opens, absolutely no artwork or literature may be added to or withdrawn from the exhibit before the closing date.  The Artist must make arrangements to pick up all artwork not sold during the exhibition within 30 days after the official closing date of the exhibit.  Artwork not picked up by the Artist within this 30-day period will become the property of The Octagon, unless arrangements are made beforehand and agreed to by both parties in writing.

The Octagon, through its Exhibition Committee, retains final judgment in all matters relating to the exhibitions.


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